March 13, 2008

BBQ, Food Drive in Freeville this weekend

I'm still recovering from my trip to Texas, and was happy to hear to from the Freeville United Methodist Church folks with a ready-made story about this coming weekend:

Freeville United Methodist Church is selling their world famous - well almost (people come all the way from Watkins Glen and buy many halves it's so good) chicken bbq this weekend. If you come late you will probably miss out...

At the same time the Freeville Food Pantry is holding a non perishable food drive. With the rising price of gasoline (and many other items) it is becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Our food pantry is experiencing an increase in the number of families we serve and predict that this will continue. So to help meet this need there is a food drive this Saturday morning. If you have the opportunity and could bring a donation of food or money to the church you can rest assured that it will be put to good use. Our next food distribution is on March 24.

Their barbecue is great, and I strongly encourage everyone to support the Freeville Food Pantry and the Dryden Kitchen Cupboard.

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