March 26, 2008

Community Center Cafe, Imagination Fabrication

This morning's Ithaca Journal visits the Dryden Community Center Cafe. The article's emphasis on newcomers revitalizing downtown seems to have reopened the perpetual question of what it means to be from Dryden in the comments. (I should add that one of my favorite things about the Cafe is the mix of newcomers and oldtimers working together to make it happen.)

Cathy Wakeman's Dryden Town Talk explores Imagination Fabrication, "the venture of former Dryden educators Barbara Florance and Paula Thoma:"

During her retirement, Barbara was looking forward to using her time visiting fabric shops and nurturing her love of quilting. Paula, who enjoys writing poetry and children's stories, took up yoga with Barbara during retirement and joined her on some of her quilt-store excursions. During these visits, she began seeing some of the characters of her stories in the fabric bolts.

Mutual encouragement found Barbara and Paula illustrating one of Paula's stories with fabric creations and creatures. Each creature and key feature in the story "Lester's Special Gifts" are identified by their own unique, personally descriptive fabric.

They're also doing presentations and workshops around the projects. Wakeman also notes that the Dryden Youth Opportunity Fund is accepting applications for grants again.

State Senator Jim Seward writes to say he'll be working with new Governor Paterson on the budget. I guess we'll find out what that means as budget season progresses. Also, Debbie Franks of Freeville writes on crate training for dogs.

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David Makar said:

I stopped by last night (Friday) for part of the grand opening. It was great to see so much energy and members of the cub scouts and Kiwanis and the live music and the announcement board of upcoming events all in one place. It really brings the village alive. Good work to everyone involved.

Therese said:

Hi there,

My husband and I are driving through the area in mid-May ... and staying overnight in Marathon. Can you recommend any good restaurants around there? I know there are some good places in Ithaca, but we don't want to drive that far when we'll already have been driving all day with a small baby in tow ... Any place open on a Monday night? Thanks!!