March 24, 2008

Farewell, old ride

This morning was sad. I drove my 1996 Saturn SL2, which flunked inspection back in December, to Varna Auto Service for junking. I'd bought it new, with ten miles on it, in May 1996. It had done well, climbing a four-wheel-drive road I should never have attempted (it was night, and I was late to a wedding) when it had only 10,000 miles on it, and generally providing reliable service for a very long time - leaving me stuck in the middle of the woods only once.

Saturn's last looks
Saturn's last looks


Its replacement is not (yet) my ideal vehicle, but a used silver Toyota Matrix I hope will last as long a time as the Saturn did.

Update: Sometimes life is like a movie. While driving back from the hospital after Sungiva's birth, I saw my old car being towed away down Route 13, its light blue "Peace is Possible" bumpersticker still plainly visible. I'm not sure where it was going, but it was a sad moment right in the middle of an extremely happy day. Transitions overlapping, somehow.

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Ellen said:

Aww! I have a '98 SL2... looks like it's the same color as yours (green?)

But it hasn't got anywhere near 190K on it!

Justin said:

lol i completely understand.. yesterday my 1996 sl2 transmittion blew due to poor maintenence from the previous owner.. i love that car it has done me no wrong other than the tranny, and has had less problems and better gas milage than most newer cars!! plus it doesnt dent :) right now im pretty sad