March 29, 2008

New Dryden resident

Angelika gave birth to Sungiva Marie St.Laurent, our first baby, Thursday morning at 3:32am at Cayuga Medical Center. We just came home today. Sungiva arrived as a tiny little cutie at 5 pounds, fifteen ounces (2684 grams), and 17 inches (43cm) long.

I'm happy to report that Angelika and Sungiva are both doing very well.

Angelika and Sungiva
Angelika and Sungiva.

Spring seems extremely happy about Sungiva. I've never actually seen her so welcoming of any newcomer.

I introduce Spring to Sungiva
I introduce Spring to Sungiva.

Sungiva, I think, is remarkably cute.

Sungiva closer up
Sungiva closer up.

And for everyone who's wondering, the name is pronounced Soon-gheev-ah, accent on the 'gheev'. It's the original Anglo-Saxon version of Sunniva. The name means "sun-giving".

Posting here will be light for a while!

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Mike Lane said:

Congratulations! Welcome to little Sungiva Marie. I know she will bring sunshine into her family. Great job Angelika! Yes Simon, as a proud father, if you didn't think she was "remarkably cute" I would have to wonder about you. Actually, she's beautiful. I will certainly do my best with her lovely name, but pardon me if I should lapse from time to time and call her Marie.

Randy Hendrickson said:

Congratulations! She is remarkably cute to say the least. Maybe one day she will end up going to school with our next one due in August. Can we refer to her as "Little Geev"
Beautiful. Congrats again.

z said:

hey, congratulations, you guys!!! she looks absolutely beautiful and charming! you will have to let us know when you are ready to receive visitors!!!!

NYCO said:

Congratulations to you and Angelika! What happy news!

Tonya Engst said:


Mark Thornton said:

I just happened upon your site while researching the area. My family and I are moving into Debelle apartments this week and we would appreciate any comments you have about the area. It would be nice to move up to the area having already 'met' somebody. The more we here about Dryden the more we think we'll fit it as we are from a smaller town in Western North Carolina. We are moving (wife, daughter (8), son (14m.) because my wife will be going to Cornell to study Agriculture and Life Sciences.
Your baby, I think, is a cutie.

Lis Garrett said:

She's absolutely beautiful!

Bridget was 5.15, too - so very tiny and delicate. It's easy to forget how little they begin.

Congratulations to you both!

Shelley said:

An absolute sweetie, Simon, and congratulations to you both?

justin powell said:

Welcome, Sungiva, to our world! We need more sun givers here, especially precious ones like you :-) So glad you're here... Best wishes and viel Gl├╝ck for your growing family!!

Robinia said:

Welcome, Sungiva!

You must be so happy. My best to Angelika, and remember to just sleep whenever you can and not expect too much else out of any of the family for at least a few months [note-- others should also not expect too much-- College of Ag and Life Sciences can provide people to help newcomers acclimate to area, for instance-- they bring thousands through each year, and poor Simon can't welcome them all on Sungiva's time just because he is blogger extraordinaire!].

There will be plenty of time for all those ambitions and the rest of the world when she isn't quite a newborn anymore.

My babies were both on the larger side of things, and, as Lis comments, it is easy to forget how little they are at first, too. She does look very cute! Best wishes for a happy growing Sungiva, happy growing family.

Elaine said:

Congrats! What a cutie. She looks so serene in that last picture. :)

She shares my birthday, that's great and she came out at such a sensible size, smart kid! She looks so content and wise in that last picture. Mucho congratulations!

Nate Shinagawa said:


Chris said:

What a glorious event, and a beautiful act of faith by you both in this uncertain world.

As a somewhat recent, first time dad, I offer heartfelt congratulations and advise you to simply hang on... while the well wishers (myself included) recall how great new parenthood is - on average - , it's easy to forget this does have a share of terrors and trials.

And then I remember the time I laid on the front lawn with my infant son and showed him for the first time the sky, shining through the leaves, and the look on his face. All the challenges melt away and what's left is love.

All the very best to you and your family.