March 10, 2008

Please resign, Governor Spitzer

It seems clear that Eliot Spitzer's career has come to a sudden crash.

I've been concerned with Spitzer's performance on the reform issues he'd championed, as anyone following my posts at The Albany Project might have seen, but I still had some hope that he could turn things around, listen more to the voters who put him in office, and help New York State recover from the mire its political system has become.

Unfortunately, it's hard to lead the charge on reform when you've been caught indulging in something you've prosecuted other people for. I've heard from a fair number of Democrats who don't think it's a major crime, a reason to resign (see an example here), but I don't think Spitzer can be effective any longer, and I can't continue to support him.

Spitzer did a lot of good for New York State and the country as Attorney General. Unfortunately, his run as Governor hasn't worked out. New York State has a lot of problems to work out, and this is not going to help.

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