March 18, 2008

Village elections today noon to nine

The polls are open at the Dryden Village Hall, 16 South Street, Dryden (map) from noon to 9:00pm today. Registered voters who live in the Village have a choice of four trustee candidates for two seats. The Ithaca Journal spoke with all four candidates yesterday.

I'll be writing a more formal endorsement later today, assuming I stop coughing, but it's very easy for me to recommend Fred Gentz and Mary Ellen Bossack. They recognize the challenges the Village faces and the need to do something about them soon. Both have strong records of community service - Fred at the VFW and Dryden Ambulance, and Mary Ellen as an educator and teacher's union president.

I think there's also an election in Freeville today - there should be - at the Freeville Village Hall on Factory Street. I haven't seen it in the paper, though, and I called yesterday after they'd closed for the day. I'll post an update if I find anything out.

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