April 5, 2008

A couple of quotes worth remembering

This week's news has been fairly quiet, though I need to do a more formal run down. This morning, while Sungiva's sleeping, I just want to make sure I get two quotes recorded here.

The first, hopeful, quote is from Town Attorney Mahlon Perkins, speaking to Tompkins Weekly in his role as attorney for the Coddington Area Neighborhood Association, which is fighting a proposed widening of Coddington Road:

"I am always concerned when you have a multimillion dollar project that cuts the corners when it comes to environmental impact."

The second, egregious, quote is from State Senator Jim Seward, in response to challenger Don Barber's weekend bus tour announcement. I guess Seward feels pretty entitled to his seat to say things like:

"People come first, politics later. Now is the time for governing, not games. While some are starting the political silly season early, I am focused on getting results in a state budget that helps with property taxes, gasoline and home heating costs, jobs and affordable health insurance."

Right. Seward's right there with the most secretive Three Men in a Room budget process in recent memory. And politics is just "silly season"? Come on.

Attitude like this is just one of the many reasons this district can do better than Jim Seward. He seems to forget that people, who do indeed come first, actually vote for their representatives, and his record isn't all that exciting once you look beyond the pork. Maybe he's just feeling too comfortable in his bizarrely gerrymandered district? He shouldn't.

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