April 21, 2008

And more Sungiva

Everyone I talk with wants more Sungiva photos. I'm continuing to build a collection, so here's a gallery of her first twenty-six days, with new photos starting here.

Here are some previews of Sungiva at her baby-finest.

Sungiva makes a point
Sungiva makes a point.

Sungiva grips her carrying sling
Sungiva grips her carrying sling.

Posted by simon at April 21, 2008 9:04 PM in
Note on photos


Jean Healy said:

Angelika & Simon, congratulations! Sungiva is beautiful, and I'm eagerly awaiting a chance to meet her in person!

Wishing you happiness and a good sleeper,
Jean, Mike, & Eliza

Ann Navarro said:

Congrats, Simon! She's beautiful.

Jeanne Mueller said:

What a beautiful child! A blessing for both of you. Hope
to see you all for lunch sometime later in the summer.