April 14, 2008

Awesome New York State Sauerkraut

Last week, I saw some sauerkraut in the Ludgate Farms vegetable case. It was marked local, and since we're eating locally, I figured it was worth a try despite the $5.69 pricetag for fifteen ounces.

Over in Ghent, NY, Hawthorne Valley Farm is doing something very right. This is easily the most delicious sauerkraut I've had, though I'm no expert on it. Angelika (who is German but doesn't claim to be a sauerkraut authority) also thinks it's delicious.

I like it enough that I keep taking the jar out of the refrigerator and eating it cold.

Beyond the flavor and texture, there are two things I really liked about this. The ingredients list is simple:

New York State Organic Cabbage, and Unrefined Sea Salt.

Finally, someone identifies where there ingredients came from! And the list is appropriately simple - the two necessary components of sauerkraut.

The other thing I liked was that the jar briefly described the process - lacto-fermentation - used to make this, and that was a good idea, since when I opened it, it fizzed a fair amount.

They also make gingered carrots, kim chi (which I think needs more red pepper), and a variety of other products.

Definitely worth a taste!

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