April 2, 2008

While I'm out

There's still plenty happening in Dryden, of course!

If you're looking for more on what's happening in the Town, Dryden Democrats has lots of news, including recreation, planning, broadband, and dog control. Dryden Daily KAZ reflects on weather, national politics, wildlife, and the Dryden schools Superintendent search. Dryden is Home writes about aerial photography, movie mashups, Earth Hour, and how reaching out to a mugger can make the world a brighter place.

Woolgatherings writes about children and about business, while Potter's Blog writes about pottery and all kinds of everything.

For a very different take on the world, try Two--Four, which mixes guitars and libertarianism. It's definitely not the friendliest read, but also in the neighborhood.

In print, I strongly recommend (as always) the Dryden Courier, which is routinely putting the Ithaca Journal and even frequently the Cortland Standard to shame with its deep coverage of the Village, Town, and schools of Dryden. Tompkins Weekly is doing well too, though it covers the whole county.

If you'd like to get your news in person, you might wander over to the Dryden Community Center Cafe and talk with friends.

(And if you don't know why I'm distracted lately, here's why:

Sungiva sleeping
Sungiva sleeping.)

Posted by simon at April 2, 2008 7:18 PM in
Note on photos


NYCO said:

She looks like a little elf with that hat(?) on!

KAZ said:

C'mon, she's always sleeping, you should have PLENTY of time to blog!!! ;)

Billy Beck said:

Thank you for the link, Simon.

Your little girl is beautiful.

I can't help it: I'm going to worry about her, too.


Anne Tomlin said:

Hi Simon and Angelika! And welcome to the newest member of the (extended) family from another offshoot of the Cuddy clan.