May 13, 2008

Budgets, assessments, garbage trucks, decisions

This morning's Ithaca Journal is quiet on Dryden but has lots of regional and county news.

In county budget news, the County took a step away from administering the WIC program directly with a committee vote. (The headline is misleading, and it would be nice if the article listed who voted for and against.) There's also a piece on community involvement in the budget.

The Journal's editorial looks at another budget-related question, the assessments on which property taxes are levied.

In political news, the Journal notes Governor Paterson's decision to have the DOT regulate garbage truck traffic, which should be good news for residents on Route 79. I see elsewhere that Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton applauds the move, even though she spent a lot of time earlier arguing that it was unconstitutional. Perhaps she changed her mind after getting run over on this issue by fellow Democrats Schumer and Paterson.

Also in political news, the Journal notes that Tompkins County has a Democratic superdelegate, Tompkins County Democratic Chairwoman Irene Stein, who has a large decision to make soon, between Clinton and Obama. (She's a Democratic National Committee member, appointed to that seat by the New York State Democratic Committee.)

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