May 12, 2008

Caroline playground build

Wow am I behind here. I still need to catch up to last week's opinion pages...

In this morning's Ithaca Journal, there's a report on Saturday's volunteer day building the playground at Caroline Elementary School, where most young Dryden students in the Ithaca schools go.

In state news, the garbage truck trainwreck is over - Governor Paterson ordered the DOT to start designating routes for trucks carrying garbage. It seems not to have been that difficult.

And the Journal's site seems to have a whole new look, including what seems on the surface like a new forum system.

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KAZ said:

It is a new forum system. I beta tested it last week. They share it with all of Gannett, so I had to give up my pen name, because it was already in use! I think people are having trouble with the new system; I'm not seeing nearly as many posts.

Lis Garrett said:

The playground is awesome, by the way. Ian helped to build Saturday AM. Parents plan on completing the landscaping this afternoon in hopes the children will begin using it on Monday.