May 9, 2008

Yesterday in photos

I'm way behind on everything, but hopefully these photos will give you some idea of the past few days. Well, all of them are from yesterday, except for the obligatory (and fun) Sungiva photo.

Sungiva stretches out
Sungiva stretches out.

Peace march banner
Peace march banner.

Peace march pauses
Peace march pauses.

Marchers along 13
Marchers along 13.

Chickens wandering the yard
Chickens wandering the yard.

Women's Expo at TC3
Women's Expo at TC3.

Women's Expo at TC3
Recognizing the 20 Outstanding Women You Should Know at the Women's Expo at TC3.

Women's Expo at TC3
Relaxing at the Women's Expo at TC3.

Recreation master plan meeting
Recreation master plan meeting.

And then my camera's battery died.

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Catt said:

Hey Simon! Haven't made it up the hill in a while is that your baby up there? Have Angelika given birth yet?