June 3, 2008

County Energy Plan meeting Thursday

I meant to post this earlier - I don't yet know if I can make it. Given my lack of trust for county planning, I probably should...


You are invited to attend a public meeting about the new Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions element to be added to the County Comprehensive Plan. The meeting will be held on Thursday, June 5, 2008 from 7:00 - 9:00 PM at the Tompkins County Public Library's Borg Warner Room (101 East Green Street, Ithaca).

The new Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions element will help guide the County in decisions that influence these issues and will provide a framework to address community energy and greenhouse gas emissions goals in a proactive and coordinated manner.

This meeting, which will include a brief presentation on the major issues and opportunities identified to date, is designed to give the general public, as well as municipal board members, an opportunity to comment on the topics and contribute ideas for the draft element.

The County Planning Department initiated this planning process in early 2008. It is envisioned that this element will follow the same general format as the other County Comprehensive Plan elements: identifying the critical issues at the County level relating to energy and greenhouse gas emissions; presenting existing conditions; and establishing policy and action items for the County government and its partner agencies to implement.

To date, our planning process has included:

  • Completing initial research about local energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Appointing a Steering Committee of the County's Planning Advisory Board to guide development of this element

  • Identifying individuals, businesses, and organizations in the community actively involved in energy and greenhouse gas emissions work

  • Conducting six focus group sessions in April and May 2008 with these above individuals in order to understand the local issues and opportunities

Your input at the June 5th meeting is important to ensure that this Comprehensive Plan element reflects the community's ideas and concerns.

For more information about the Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Element, please visit the Tompkins County Planning Department website at http://www.tompkins-co.org/planning/compplan/index.htm or call 607-274-5560.

Thank you in advance for your participation; we look forward to seeing you on June 5th.

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