November 5, 2008

3-2 or better, mostly, for Democrats so far

Last night's election results were astounding, though absentee ballots still will affect the final results. I seem to be too tired to do real math, but these are worth sharing.

For President, Barack Obama received 3737 votes to John McCain's 2313. (In 2004, before absentees, John Kerry had 3398 votes to George W. Bush's 2597.)

For Congress, Mike Arcuri received 3375 votes to Richard Hanna's 2132. (Arcuri won 2906 total here in 2006, to Ray Meier's 1814.)

For Town Board, Jason Leifer had 3175 votes, to Paul Rachetta's 2055. (In 2006, the last one-on-one Town Board race, David Makar had 2335 votes to Dan Tier's 1887.)

For Town Justice, Joe Valentinelli won 3429 votes, to Dan Tier's 2030.

The closest race here was Don Barber, who led Jim Seward for State Senator in Dryden by 3037 to 2603, but lost the race overall.

It was an astoundingly good night for Dryden Democrats, one I couldn't have begun to predict when I first got involved in 2003.

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