January 31, 2009

Catching up on Village of Dryden elections

This week's Ithaca Journal has had a few pieces on the Village of Dryden caucuses. Faced with opposition from Democrat Wendy Martin, Mayor Reba Taylor is stepping down and Republican Trustee Randy Sterling is running as the Republican candidate for Mayor. There are more comments there than I've seen on a Dryden-related article in a while. There are fewer comments on the article about Trustee candidates. No incumbent trustees are running. Democratic candidates Lisa Valentinelli and Mary Ellen Bossack will face off against Republicans Paul Rachetta and Monica Armstrong.

The election will be held Wednesday, March 18th. Yes, elections are normally on Tuesday, but apparently New York State won't hold elections on St. Patrick's day!

In the county legislature, there's an update on leadership concerns, discussion of how the legislative leadership will be determined, and an editorial on the problems of private caucuses that I can't help but agree with.

Cathy Wakeman's Dryden Town Talk lists upcoming events. It doesn't have to be a quiet winter!

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me said:

Wow, it appears we have a lot of bitterness concerning the Dryden Cafe. Sad....

Wendy Martin said:

Wow. I am surprised and saddened by some of the comments regarding my absense from the cafe. Suffice to say that yes, I did step away this past summer during a time when my family was suffering a loss. However I was constantly in touch with the board offering thoughts and support and have never walked away. The cafe was never about one person, and I was proud of the remaining board members for stepping up and filling my shoes. They did an admirable job. That being said I was never far, and would have been happy to return once I was back on my feet and the board knew this. I believe those who bear ill will are few and did not understand the circumstances. Hopefully this will help.