February 11, 2009

Tomorrow the big day for Lincoln speech

An event in New York City tomorrow may have some big reverberations in Dryden. Christie's will be auctioning the original manuscript of Abraham Lincoln's 1864 victory speech, for a hoped-for $3 to $4 million. The Southworth Library, owner of the manuscript, is hoping to build an addition with the money, expanding the library significantly.

They'll be having an auction party at 11:30am tomorrow to watch. There's been lots of interest in Abraham Lincoln lately, and hopefully this can make a big difference for Dryden. You can see more on it at ABC and MSNBC.

In other local news, Cathy Wakeman reports on Valentine's Day activities around Dryden, including my favorite annual event, the Etna Chocolate Festival.

TCAT is contemplating cutting routes. They don't mention it in the article, but I understand the 54 through Varna, Turkey Hill Road, and Ellis Hollow is on the chopping block.

Finally, there's a letter to the editor supporting Randy Sterling for Mayor. It brought back old memories of Republicans complaining that letters supporting Democrats sometimes came from Ithaca, and that that was evidence of how Democrats just didn't have "Dryden values" and such. I guess Republicans must have dropped that line of argument over time.

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Adam said:

As I understand it, Cornell subsidised TCAT somewhat; is that subsidy being reduced/frozen as a result of the financial cuts at Cornell?