June 6, 2009

Village of Freeville opens website

Freeville is now on the web, at http://freevilleny.org/, with a village site that includes both the basic contact information you'd expect, as well as photos, history, a list of businesses, and more. This piece of the introductory page really struck me:

Freeville (the only incorporated municipality in the nation with this name) is a stubborn village. It is within the Town of Dryden, but it has been an independent entity since its beginning. The first settler in what became Freeville arrived in 1798, and by 1810 the population had reached sixteen; almost two hundred years later, it is only 523. In some ways life here is reminiscent of village life a hundred years ago. People know one another and one another's children, they are familiar with the patterns of their neighbors' lives, they are likely to help each other regardless of any disagreements, and they enjoy village events.

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