September 25, 2009

Two boil-water advisories in Dryden

I haven't been following the dwindling Ithaca Journal as closely as I used to, but this morning I was a little surprised to see two Dryden water systems under boil-water notices. One is off German Cross Road, the other off Kirk Road. Hopefully they'll get these issues cleared up quickly.

There's also a piece on New York's old laws for assessing dog attacks on livestock, which I first heard about when trying to figure out the "Dog Surplus" line in the Town of Dryden budget. It's ancient, and apparently strangely enforced, but still a real issue.

Posted by simon at September 25, 2009 11:49 AM in
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Mary Ann said:

It's worth noting that the systems under Health Department boil-water orders are privately owned, not municipal.

In the livestock damage article, it would be interesting to know how often Franklin has paid claims recently. In "the old days,” I once claimed reimbursement for the cost of several hens killed by a dog. But dog control has improved dramatically and this year I had not a single stray dog incident on my property.