October 27, 2009

Google Street View came through Dryden

I'm not yet sure how much of the Town they visited, but Google Maps seems to have added street views of a variety of places. The street views are pretty far out of sync with the satellite views, though - the street views are definitely newer.

For example, you can see my house from above, and zoom down into it using the plus sign on the left just below the yellow person. It's an old photo, as I said farewell to the car parked there in January 2008, and there's an additional shed now. If you then click on the little yellow person, you can drag it to the marker for my house. (Oddly, though, it sometimes claims "no street view available" before showing the street view.) Once you've brought up street view, you can (sort of) navigate along the road.

It's no substitute for actually walking around the town, but it's a different way to see things, and can help with navigation sometimes.

Posted by simon at October 27, 2009 12:26 PM in
Note on photos


KAZ said:

The satellite view is at least a couple of years old. Our barn is nowhere to be seen, and the neighbor's addition is nonexistent.