October 9, 2009

Town preserves land, encourages start-ups

Yesterday's Ithaca Journal had more of the kind of news I like to hear about Dryden. First, the Town is accepting a 12-acre land donation at the corner of Pinckney and Lower Creek Roads. It's not great land for building, but it's a key buffer zone for Fall Creek.

The next piece of news should help Dryden small businesses get started, as the Town is working with Alternatives Federal Credit Union to provide 2:1 matching funds on savings for small businesses. The money originally came from the federal government, loaned to Cayuga Press for a printing press purchase. Cayuga Press has left for Cortland, but the loan payments continue to Dryden. The town gets to keep the money, but can only use it for a limited number of projects, notably home repair and economic development. David Makar got this going, and he and Jason Leifer have seen it through.

Private contributions can help Dryden too, of course! The Journal notes today that the Dryden Youth Opportunity Fund is taking applications for grants until October 31st. This charitable organization has spent $35,000 since 2003 "in support of school-, town-, and community- based programming benefiting Dryden youth." Have an idea? Apply. Want to help? Donate!

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