November 4, 2009

Congratulations to Mike Lane, Jason Leifer, and Steve Stelick

Yesterday's elections were close. Mike Lane (D) has a 39-vote lead over Jim Crawford (R) in unofficial returns for County Legislature District 14, 746-707, with 106 absentee ballots out there. I expect that will hold, but it's not certain. (Nor was it nearly the closest race in the county.)

In the Town Board races, I didn't quite make it. I'm not surprised, given the support I heard for incumbents Jason Leifer and Steve Stelick while I went door-to-door. Unofficial results for that look like:

Jason Leifer (D)1315
Steve Stelick (R)1235
Simon St.Laurent (D)1164
Deb Shigley (R)1073

There are 177 absentee ballots out for the whole Town of Dryden, but I expect these margins to be pretty stable.

In County Legislature District 9, which includes the northeasternmost corner of Dryden as well as Groton and eastern Lansing, Brian Robison (R) has a 632-102 lead over independent candidate A. Damon Ferguson.

In uncontested races, Martha Robertson (D) will be representing County Legislature District 13, Mary Ann Sumner (D) will be Town Supervisor, and Jack Bush (R) will be Highway Superintendent.

The Journal has a more complete run-down of the whole county.

I'm off to start collecting Democratic signs. We're planning to collect them all today!

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Tonya Engst said:

Sorry you didn't win - you had my vote!

My condolences on the race, but many thanks for your efforts on behalf of the community and for the local Democratic Party. This informative blog is a wonderful public service.