November 5, 2009

Mike Lane wins

Maybe it was the "I like Mike" buttons that did it, but today's absentee ballot recount pushed Mike Lane ahead in the vote totals for every election district - though a few were close.

By my unofficial count, Lane picked up 64 votes, while Republican James Crawford picked up 38, making the total Lane 810 - Crawford 745.

We went through the ballots for districts 2, 6, and 7 individually, but Crawford suggested, and Lane accepted, just letting the election commissioners open and count the remaining ballots. I was keeping track of how many split tickets I saw, and there were many. Most of them were votes for Lane on an otherwise Republican ballot, though there were also a few votes for Steve Stelick on Democratic ballots and for Jason Leifer with Lane on an otherwise Republican ballot.

Lane will return to the County Legislature in January.

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