April 8, 2010

Fence Installation, Part I

Folks passing by my house today might well wonder if I'm putting up a palisade. "First he writes about Upstate secession, and then he goes survivalist." Or maybe I've decided the answer to Route 366 traffic noise is a massive wall.

Posts planted.
Posts planted along 366.

Nope. The posts provide the flexibility needed to put a 3-foot fence on my wobbling terrain. We're not fencing the whole property, but we do want to make it easier for Sungiva to know what the boundaries of the 'safe' parts of it are. We're also getting three gates put in to accomodate coming and going, and hope the fence will be attractive enough to enhance the house a bit. (The posts are pressure-treated, but the rest will be cedar.)

Whitmore Fence started early this morning, laying out the fence and digging post holes. By the end of the day, the posts were all installed, ready for the next steps of fencing and gates.

Unloading the truck.
Unloading the truck.

Digging holes with traditional post-hole diggers.
Bobby and Josh dig holes with traditional post-hole diggers.

Creating post holes in a hurry.
John creates post holes in a hurry.

I think everyone digging was happy that our soil isn't full of boulders. It went remarkably quickly, and the posts look ready for the next steps. For more of today's fun, you can see the gallery of photos I posted.

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Mike Sylvia said:

You may need a little more fencing around your bee hives;
http://mikesylvia.wordpress.com/2010/04/09/bear-in-etna/ .

Thank you very much for the warning! That's a big jump from Ellis Hollow, where I'd last heard of sightings, to Etna.

Unfortunately, fences to really keep bears out of beehives are generally electric, and pretty massively electric. I'd have to have non-electric fences to keep Sungiva away from them too.

Hmmm.... lots to think about. This is a start, but there may be more to do!

Melody Smith said:

Is your power out? It is in freeville, bone plaiN area and I have one candle and my cell!

The power stayed on here - I'm not sure what happened, and I don't see anything in the Journal. I hope it's all back for you by now!