April 10, 2010

Fence Installation, Part II

The new fence is starting to look less like the palisade or noise barrier I'd written about Thursday. John and Josh from Whitmore Fence spent yesterday installing all of the crossbeams and some of the spindles, and in some places you can now get a good sense of what the fence is going to look like when done.

Installing crossbeams.
John and Josh installing crossbeams.

Installing spindles.
Josh installs spindles.

Trimming a post.
John trims a post.

A completed section of fence.
A completed section of fence.

The original post installation had made me glad I'd hired people to do this because of the sheer amount of work digging those holes, and because they had that massive auger. Watching them yesterday, though, gave me a different sense - I couldn't have done this nearly as well on my own. Their approach gave them the flexibility to adapt the fence to the terrain while still keeping it looking right. I wouldn't have figured that out, and I'm still not sure I could do it having seen it. I'm especially glad we didn't go with fence panels - they might have worked at the front, but would have been a mess in most of the rest.

They'll be back Monday for the rest of the spindles and to install the gates, another tricky part to get right. If you want to see more, I've posted a gallery of the second day's work.

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