May 8, 2010

A sandbox for Sungiva and Konrad

Well, okay, Konrad's a little young for it still, but Sungiva's certainly happy and Konrad will grow into it.

New sandbox.
New sandbox.

Sungiva tests it out.
Sungiva tests out the sandbox.

Family sandbox.
Family sandbox.

I mostly built the sandbox out of parts salvaged from last year's deck removal, though to be honest I don't love the old pressure-treated wood and hope it leached a lot of its evil content already. For the top surface, which kids will be touching all the time, I used Trex instead. The hardest parts were creating a level place for the sandbox, which meant digging out a whole cluster of root intersections and cutting them apart, and loading the sandbox with 1000 pounds of sand.

Hopefully the kids will enjoy it for a long time, and after that it should have a nice life as a raised bed for plants.

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Jason said:

I used untreated wood for the one I built for the kids a few years ago. It seems to have held up just fine. When its not in use there's a piece of tarp covering it.