May 22, 2010

Amazing exhibit at Saunders Greenhouse

Unfortunately I only got there today, and the show closes today, but hopefully these pictures can help carry what happened. The photography in the show, from a lot of different people, was very different from Mr. Saunders' own work, but the part that really amazed me was the way they used the greenhouse as a gallery, adding the photos to a lush working greenhouse.

Some quiet advice
Some quiet advice.

Photos throughout the greenhouse
Photos throughout the greenhouse.

Photos hanging with plants
Photos hanging with plants.

The photos were great, though not exactly to my taste. What really amazed me was the way these photos were hung, protected in clear vinyl cases with sand or stone at the bottom to keep them neatly vertical. Normally, I'm used to seeing photography in dull modern buildings with boring flat walls and frames designed to emphasize the photography. This, though, was much more like the way people really use pictures, often mixing them in with other furniture and objects and yes, plants.

The result was a much more alive photo exhibit than I can ever remember seeing. I hope he'll do this again. I've posted a few more pictures of the exhibit as well. (I also highly recommend his own photography, a bit of which you can see here.)

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