May 18, 2010

School elections today

We may not have any idea what the state budget will bring, but it's still time to vote on school budgets and candidates.

In the Dryden School District, polls are open from 7:00am to 9:00pm at the Dryden High School-Middle School on Route 38 between the Villages of Dryden and Freeville.

In the Ithaca School District, polls open at noon, and it's complicated. Here's a quick summary of where to vote, though you may want to check the map to be certain which district you're in:

  • If you normally vote at BETHEL GROVE CHURCH ACTIVITIES CENTER (1749 Slaterville Rd.) (Town of Dryden, District 8), you vote at BELLE SHERMAN ANNEX (Mitchell & Cornell Sts., Ithaca).

  • If you normally vote IN DISTRICT 9, ELLIS HOLLOW, at VARNA COMMUNITY CENTER (943 Dryden Rd.), you vote at CAROLINE SCHOOL, 2439 Slaterville Rd.

  • If you normally vote IN DISTRICT 4, VARNA, at VARNA COMMUNITY CENTER (943 Dryden Rd), you still vote at the VARNA COMMUNITY CENTER.

  • If you normally vote at ETNA FIRE STATION (26 Wood Rd.) (Town of Dryden, Districts 1 and 5), you vote at NORTHEAST SCHOOL, Winthrop Drive, Ithaca.

Wow - that's way too complicated. I understand that Etna folks need a place to go in the Ithaca district, but why not consolidate the folks who vote at Varna in November so they vote in Varna in May? I wonder how much gasoline, lost time, and lost votes the current setup costs.

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