July 19, 2010

Apologies - CAPTCHAs arrive

After seven years, the spam comments on this site have completely overwhelmed me. I've kept up with good comments (I hope) through email, but I still have 13500+ spam comments to delete from the web interface (a hundred at a time!), and that's only about a month's worth. I dislike CAPTCHAs, those odd shaded "type in these characters to leave a comment" thing - they're ugly, they're inaccessible to a lot of readers, and they're generally a pain in the neck. They don't stop all spam, either, though they seem to cut the volume down a lot.

I have a bit of reformatting to do, but eventually it should look okay. For now, I just need this to work!

We've had a few good conversations break out here over the past few months, and hopefully this will make it easier for me to encourage them. If you have difficulties, please contact me at simonstl at simonstl dot com.

Posted by simon at July 19, 2010 1:04 PM in
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KAZ said:

Neither spam nor captchas at blogspot.com. I wonder why?

They have a smarter setup they update regularly, and piles of blogs to compare comments across. Living in Dryden is still running ancient templates on a slightly modernized but not too bright blog platform.