July 23, 2010

Most to least acceptable uses

Update: I'd left off a few residential uses, notably the home occupations, so added them in.

I'll be taking a closer look at the Allowable Use Groups Chart, §501 of the draft Dryden zoning. Before I got too deep, though, I thought it might be interesting to get a broad (and not necessarily accurate) sense of how acceptable uses might be.

I turned the table into a spreadsheet, and removed headings and the Elder Hostel use, which is sort of not really governed by the table. Then, to establish a rough scale of how acceptable a use might be, I turned categories into numbers as follows:

Permitted5Maximum value, of course!
Permitted on State and County Roads, Special Use Permit on Town Roads 4Permitted many places!
Permitted on State and County Roads3Permitted many places, but not town roads
Permitted5Maximum value, of course!
Special Use Permit2Possible, but permit process discourages
Special Use Permit (LIO-A)1Possible, extra limited

There's plenty of room to quibble with these, but I wanted the Special Use Permit to be a little less than half of "sure, go ahead!", the limited permit (adult uses) to be about half of that, and Forbidden to be zero. (Yes, use variances are possible, just not very likely.)

There are six basic zones - Rural Residential, Rural Agricultural, Conservation, Hamlet, Commercial, and Light Industrial Office, including LIO-A. (LIO-A is the area by 84 Lumber where Adult Uses are possible.) I counted them all the same for this rough calculation. That means the "most acceptable" score is 30, for uses permitted in all zone, and the lowest is 1, for a use only allowed in part of a zone.

The results, listed from most acceptable to least acceptable, and alphabetical when scores are the same, look like:

USESTotal approval
Agricultural Use 30
Cemetery 30
Municipal use 30
Passive Recreation 30
Day care homes, Family 25
Day care, Family Group 25
Dwelling, accessory unit25
Dwelling, single-family 25
Dwelling, two-family 25
Home Occupation, Level 125
Workshop/Garage - Non-Commercial 25
Home Occupation, Level 2 19
Artist Studio/ Craft Workshop 18
Manufactured Home17
Agriculture-Related Enterprise 13
Day care center 13
Inn 13
Nursery/Greenhouse 13
Active Recreation 12
General Office Building 12
Industry, Light 12
Professional office 12
Public Safety 12
Public Utility 12
Religious institution 12
Retail business 12
Service business 12
Theater 12
Lodge or club 11
Bed-and Breakfast establishment 10
Bed-and-Breakfast home 10
Educational use 10
Recreational Facility, Athletic 10
Car Wash 9
Hotel / Motel 9
Restaurant 9
Automotive Repair Garage8
Automotive Salvage 8
Automotive Towing Service 8
Maunfactured Home Park 8
Retreat or Conference Center 8
Senior Housing 8
Campground 6
Commercial Riding Facility6
Contractor's yard 6
Gasoline station 6
Kennel 6
Warehouse 5
Automotive Sales 4
Boarding House 4
Congregate Care Facility 4
Drive-through facility 4
Dwelling, multi-family 4
Dwelling, upper-floor apartments 4
Library 4
Mining 4
Recreation Facility, Amusement 4
Recreational Facility, Motorized 4
Retail shopping centers / plazas 4
Self-storage 4
Industry/Manufacturing 2
Adult Use 1

"Library" was the biggest surprise to me, at 4, but I'm sure other things will surprise other people. You're also welcome to download the spreadsheet and play with it yourself.

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