July 26, 2010

Should the zoning advance from the Planning Board to the Town Board?

As I think is pretty clear by now, I'm not a fan of the latest zoning proposal. Last Thursday's meeting made it clear that even the people most looking forward to new zoning aren't delighted.

The Planning Board votes Thursday night on whether to pass this proposal on to the Town Board. At this point, I'm certain that the proposal needs cleaning up, but I'm not sure whether that is better in the hands of the Planning Board or in the Town Board.

The Town Board has lots of other things to do, and I worry that they'll have a hard time focusing on it. At the same time, the Town Board is elected, and as a result closer to the immediate mood of the Town, so there might be more incentive there to address as much as possible.

It's a hard question. The one thing I absolutely don't want to see is for this to go to the Town Board and be passed in about the same state as it is now.

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