July 21, 2010

Zoning map change here - OTNDOs

Update: Per Dan's comment below, a new map has arrived (PDF version). The OTNDOs appear to be the Etna hamlet core and some areas east and south of the Village of Dryden. The McLean area doesn't have it marked, and neither do most other areas that were previously marked.

I wondered earlier what was up with the text of the draft talking about Optional Traditional Neighborhood Development Overlay Districts (OTNDO) as if they were on the map, but the map not showing them. I wrote the Town to find out, and apparently they are supposed to be on the map.

If you're thinking "I'm in rural residential, and most of this doesn't apply to me", you may want to wait and see the next release of the map. Of course, even though OTNDO districts might be on the map, they're only fully functional in areas with water districts.

I'll update this as soon as I see an updated map on the Town site.

Posted by simon at July 21, 2010 1:37 PM in
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Dan Kwasnowski said:

The map has been corrected.