November 20, 2010

Comparing Neighborhood and Rural Residential

I just added Neighborhood Residential to the zone comparison chart, but how do the new (November) Neighborhood Residential and Rural Residential compare to the prior (July) Rural Residential?

The table below lists all the uses and provides columns for the July Rural Residential and the November Neighborhood and Rural Residential. As you look down, you'll see that the new Neighborhood Residential is occasionally more restrictive than the old Rural Residential, while the new Rural Residential is generally less restrictive than the old Rural Residential.


Neighborhood Residential
Rural Residential
Special Use Permit required
USES July RR November NR November RR
Agricultural Use P P P
Farmstand (NEW USE) -P P
BUSINESS GROUP - All uses allowed are subject to Site Plan Review
Adult Use (see §1302) X X X
Agriculture-Related Enterprise X X SUP
Artist Studio/ Craft Workshop SUP XP
Automotive Repair Garage (see §1310) X X SUP
Automotive Sales X X X
Automotive Salvage X X X
Automotive Towing Service (see §1306) X X X
Bed-and Breakfast establishment SUP X P
Boarding House X X X
Campground SUP X SUP
Car Wash X X X
Commercial Riding Facility (see §1307) X X P
Contractor's yard X X SUP
Day care center SUP X SUP
Drive-through facility (see §1309) X X X
Gasoline station X X X
General Office Building X X X
Hotel / Motel X X X
Industry, Light X X X
Industry/Manufacturing (see §1303) X X X
Kennel (see §1308) X X SUP
Mining (see §1304) X X X
Nursery/Greenhouse SUP X SUP
Professional office X X SUP
Restaurant X X SUP
Retail business X X X
Retail shopping centers / plazas X X X
Retreat or Conference Center X X SUP
Service business X X X
Self-storage X X X
Theater X X X
Warehouse X X X
Bed-and-Breakfast home SUP X SUP
Congregate Care Facility X X X
Day care homes, Family P P P
Day care, Family Group P P P
Dwelling, accessory unit (see §1311) P P P
Dwelling, multi-family X X SUP
Dwelling, single-family P P P
Dwelling, two-family P X P
Dwelling, upper-floor apartments X X X
Home Occupation: Level 1 P P P
Home Occupation: Level 2 P on state/
county roads,
SUP on Town
XP on state/
county roads,
SUP on Town
Manufactured Home X X P
Manufactured Home Park (see Town Manufactured Home Park ordinance) SUP XSUP
Senior Housing SUP XSUP
Workshop/Garage - Non-Commercial X PP
COMMUNITY GROUP - All are subject to Site Plan Review
Cemetery P XP
Educational use SUP XSUP
Library X X SUP
Lodge or club X X SUP
Municipal use P XP
Public Safety SUP XSUP
Public Utility SUP XSUP
Religious institution SUP XSUP
Active Recreation SUP XSUP
Passive Recreation P PP
Recreation Facility, Amusement X X SUP
Recreational Facility, Athletic X X SUP
Recreational Facility, Motorized X X X

Warning: This is not a legal document. Do not use it to make decisions about what to do with your land! It is only meant for comparing the two proposed laws, and may well be WRONG. If you find something wrong, please let me know in comments below.

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