January 4, 2011

Lucente ZBA hearing cancelled

Back on December 7th, the Zoning Board of Appeals deferred action on the Lucente Varna II appeal until January 11th, to address some concerns about the appeal and especially its environmental review.

That's now apparently cancelled, because of a procedural issue I don't completely understand. Dan Kwasnowski, Director of Planning, wrote me that:

They were appealing a Zoning Permit denial. The problem is that since they were applying for a Special Use Permit, necessary for a PUD application, a Zoning Permit was not necessary.

He said he might issue a formal written determination, which would probably help make clear what's happening here. The application hasn't been withdrawn, but I don't know where its next steps will lead.

In any event, if you were planning to attend the ZBA meeting the night of the 11th, you now have a free evening. Perhaps you might want to come to the zoning piece of the Town Board's Agenda meeting on Wednesday the 12th instead? The Agenda meeting starts at 7:00pm, with zoning discussion starting around 8:00pm (sometimes a bit earlier).

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