March 1, 2011

Dryden legislator signs letter opposing Cuomo cuts

The Ithaca Journal site has an AP story about 40 Democratic municipal officials who joined in a letter opposing budget cuts proposed by the Governor, but didn't note who signed it. The Albany Times-Union has the letter and further discussion, and Martha Robertson's name is at the bottom of page 3.

The signatures are from all over New York - lots of Downstate, but also a fair number of Upstate people, especially from Binghamton. Pamela Goddard, Danby Town Clerk, is the only other Tompkins County name I see.

Personally, I'm feeling cautious about Cuomo. On the one hand, I agree completely that there are substantial inefficiencies in New York State government. On the other hand, I'm not really convinced that he's going to get to those inefficiencies. I didn't love his Medicaid Redesign Commission - at the time because the counties were barely represented but also in retrospect because there was so little consumer representation. Both the healthcare industry and unions seem to be supporting the result, a combination that makes me very nervous about what we're actually getting.

As I noted earlier today, the ag cuts don't look great either, though they appear to be a continuation of earlier bad ideas.

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