March 16, 2011

Primary challenge for Congressman Hanna?

I think I've made a pretty strong reputation with my fellow Democrats for being cranky, unexcited about supporting candidates when I have doubts. I don't post signs for Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton. I lit into former Congressman Mike Arcuri at a meeting last year for his wobbling on healthcare, though in the end I did put a sign for him in front of my house with little enthusiasm.

Now, though, I'm feeling like a very calm, collected, prudent, and maybe even loyal party person by contrast with the folks over at One of Nine. Richard Hanna holds that Congressional seat now. After blasting Hanna for voting to support the continuing resolution, they've moved on to asking "Anybody up for primarying Richard Hanna?".

Hanna's only been in office for two months, and while the district tilts slightly Republican, I'm not sure their list of grievances will play better with the district than did Ithaca healthcare reformers' complaints about Arcuri.

My advice to them would be the same as I had for people who wanted to primary Arcuri. Challenging a more or less centrist candidate in this district from a more extreme position is a good idea, great for democracy, conversation, and getting the issues out. For better or worse, though, it also seems likely to me to strengthen the centrist in the general election unless by some miracle they lose the primary.

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