May 27, 2011

Bruno Schickel running for Supervisor

It's not even petition season yet, and builder Bruno Schickel has announced plans to run for Town Supervisor this November. His list of "key issues" includes:

  • More efficient local spending;
  • Lowering the property tax burden;
  • Thoughtful zoning modifications to keep housing affordable while avoiding excess regulations that lower land values;
  • Slow, careful and balanced gas drilling policies that will unite neighbors and friends through thoughtful communication with all town residents; and,
  • Connecting Dryden residents with their neighboring communities by a network of trails on the old railroad track beds.

WHCU has a short piece on the announcement and incumbent Supervisor Mary Ann Sumner's response.

(And yes, he's this Bruno Schickel.)

Update: The Ithaca Journal has an article, though it looks pretty much like the press release.

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