June 18, 2011

Ice cream and Varna planning Tuesday

I was going to post about this based on the postcard that came last week, but this description from Varna Master Plan Advisory Committee member Jim Skaley says far more. The short version: Ice Cream Social at 6:30pm, Varna planning conversation at 7:00pm Tuesday, all at the Varna Community Center, 943 Dryden Road in Varna.

You all hopefully received a postcard invite to a hands-on pre-plan workshop next Tuesday, June 21. The Varna Community Association is providing free ice cream with toppings starting at 6:30. Starting at 7 p.m. a short presentation on the recent Varna survey and how your participation in helping to design the hamlet plan will be made, afterwards---as I understand it--you will be adding your voice by making suggestions on what is important for the consultants and town planners to focus on, e.g. should the downtown area of Varna have sidewalks and bikeways to add safety for pedestrians and bikers, what kind of housing might be provided or is needed, issues of traffic calming, should we have some commercial re-development, and where, etc.

Behan Planning Assoc and a traffic engineer consultant will be attending so that you may have conversations with them regarding your issues and concerns. This is a once-in-a life-time opportunity for Varna residents to help define the type of community they would like to live in. The hamlet plan is supposed to be complete by early September after which it and recommendations for new zoning will be voted on by the Town Board for inclusion into the Town Zoning Law.

Please make every effort to participate and invite your neighbors who may not be on this list to come as well. It could be the best two hours you could spend to help your community grow in a way that preserves the amenities we have while addressing the real concerns that may left unattended cause neighborhoods to deteriorate. Varna can with some assistance be a very attractive place to be. But we all have to participate to make it happen.

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