June 17, 2011

Keep those old windows

Dryden is blessed with a lot of older houses. Many of them still have a feature that advertisement after advertisement demands we replace: double-hung windows with storm windows. When I did some major energy renovations a few years ago, I asked for an estimate including new windows, as I'd been brainwashed too. Fortunately, the contractor doing the work told me to pause that idea - it'd be a lot of money for very little energy efficiency result.

I've done a little window work, but my interest in doing it myself and my general lack of time have combined to keep me from getting far. However, a story ("Window Logic") in the August-September 2011 Old House Journal has me thinking it's time to get on that again:

We're losing 32 million original windows a year, based on the window industry's claims. In 99 percent of cases, people are replacing windows that can be cost-effectively restored and made as or more energy-efficient than a replacement window...

There is nothing green or environmentally sound about replacing replacing windows and dumping original, old-growth sash in a landfill. It's a tragedy. (17)

The Windows Preservation Standards Collaborative hopes to change this.

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Mary Ann said:

Why is the August/September issue out in June?

Talk to Ally about restoring windows and drive by her house to see the fruits of her labors.