June 19, 2011

Ludgate Farms for sale again

Just found this in my email:

Dear Friends,

Six months ago after learning Ludgate's was for sale we purchased the business, due to our passion and interest in continuing this unique and very special store. But now, Kate is missing her work running Peasant Dreams Farm, and Dave has a full-time day job that he enjoys. There is simply not enough time left over to manage the store properly in addition to our other commitments. Therefore, we have decided to sell the business to a buyer that can bring the store to its full potential, whether it is another family, or a cooperative of owner/operators like Greenstar.

As long time customers and members of the community, we want to preserve Ludgate's as an Ithaca "institution", and as a local alternative for quality food. We have made a number of physical improvements to the store, and we have improved some efficiencies to lower operating costs. Ludgate's supports more than 40 other local micro-businesses, ranging from produce and meat farmers to bakers, artisans and craftspeople. We've been working with a few select vendors to create a Ludgate's brand for exclusive coffee blends and baked goods, like Challah bread, shortbread and granola bars. That is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the potential of the store.

We are committed to keeping the store open and running until it is sold, and we ask for your continued support to help us keep it in good shape for the community, and for the next owner. By continuing to shop with Ludgate's you will help all of us preserve what we feel is a valuable community asset.

If you have any interest in taking over the reins of Ludgate's, or know someone that may be interested please drop us a note or contact our realtors, Margaret Snow at 607 218 2040 msnow@IthacaAreaHomes.com, or Stu Lewis 607 220 5319 bowtie023@aol.com. They both realize and understand what the importance of this store means to local residents.

Best regards,

Katie and Dave Quinn-Jacobs

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