September 14, 2011

Anschutz announces lawsuit

They haven't actually filed it yet, so I'm guessing they bravely led with a press release, but apparently a gas company is stepping up to sue over Dryden's ban on gas drilling (Update: expanded article):

Anschutz Exploration Corp. plans to file a lawsuit in state Supreme Court in Tompkins County to have the ban struck down in the Town of Dryden, according to the company's Albany-based attorney Thomas West. He said the lawsuit is expected to be filed this week...

"It will be a good opportunity to let the courts decide whether municipalities can, under the guise of zoning or otherwise, ban or regulate drilling," West said. "Hopefully, it won't be a difficult issue for the court."

I'm surprised they didn't wait until after the elections, but pouring fuel on the fire is after all what they're about. I'll be curious to see the actual filings, and will try to post them here.

I wouldn't expect early rulings in this case to settle anything, either - this will likely be settled by New York's highest court, the Court of Appeals, unless something like the proposal from Senator Seward or the one from Senator Ball intercedes on the side of the Town.

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Note on photos


The Finger Lakes Region is a sacred Glacial Formation that has many hidden underground water channels, which are liable for experiencing contamination.

The Denver-Based (if we can call it this), firm has not exercised proper consideration nor gentleness towards the land, let alone the Amerikan Citisens who have experienced harassment, intimidation, and coercive techniques from this falsely-garnered a-Corporate plot.

I stand with the land and am united unto all citisens who know the Law.