September 24, 2011

Deb Shigley on the ban, gas leasing

Via One of Nine's cranky commentary, I find Republican Town Board candidate Deb Shigley's comments to the New York Times on the gas drilling ban and more:

Opposing candidates like Deb Shigley, a Republican, said the town "moved too quickly" in passing a ban that possibly could be overturned in court. (A natural gas company has already sued to pursue that goal.)

Ms. Shigley contends that the ban interferes with the rights of landowners who are counting on the drilling income. She adds that she has little sympathy for those undergoing a change of heart.

"If you signed the contract, you couldn't now say, 'I didn't know and therefore I don't want it,' "she said. "You took the money, and you're under contract."

That is, at least, much clearer than her vague comments in this week's Dryden Courier about "Other issues are energy development and the changes to the town zoning plans."

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