September 23, 2011

Draft zoning posted

I'd been watching the Town web site for information about the proposed zoning, but the most recent thing there was the Sound Performance Standards from April. The proposed zoning documents were from September and July 2010.

On Wednesday, the Town Board discussed introducing a "Draft A" or "Draft B". "Draft B" included some minor suggestions from the Planning Board, including:

  • Clarifying that Home Occupation Level I could have a 3-square-foot sign.

  • Listing "residential districts" by name.

  • Removing a "the".

  • Something about concept plans for planned unit developments having to be in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan.

  • Requiring an amenity package of developers who want to create Planned Unit Developments of greater density than allowed by the underlying zoning of the area.

Today, finally, new drafts are available. There's a new zoning map as well as Draft A and a list of amendments that would create Draft B.

The Board did not introduce the zoning, deferring to concerns from Steve Stelick, who wanted to wait until he'd gone through the whole thing once more. I suspect that the soonest they might introduce it is October 19th, their next regular meeting.

(I need to read it myself, though I don't think it actually addresses most of my many earlier concerns.)

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