September 24, 2011

Dryden has a fault?

Update: I'm now pretty sure there's more than the DEC reports to this story.

Okay, okay, it's hard to imagine that Dryden has faults.

However, the Geology section of the hydrofracking SGEIS (4.2 MB PDF) includes Figure 4.13, a map of faults in New York State, and there seems to be one in south-central Dryden, maybe even on the Caroline line.

Faults in Tompkins County.
Faults in Tompkins County.

It doesn't seem like something to worry about, as the area has seen pretty much zero known seismic activity.

Just out of curiosity, though, does anyone know about this fault?

Update: Dryden Daily KAZ sends this link with more information on faults in the Finger Lakes area.

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thanks for the updates on the hydrofracking issue, it is great that I can get to this site and see what is really happening without having to decipher language code.