September 28, 2011

Joe Solomon on fracking ban

Statewide coverage of the lawsuit means I'm finding Dryden coverage in all kinds of places where I don't normally look. Here's Town Board member Joe Solomon in the Binghamton University Pipe Dream:

Joseph Solomon, a member of the Dryden Town Board, defended the town's ban on the basis that it protects the interests of Dryden residents.

"Our town values the community, it values its agriculture, it values our way of life," Solomon said. "Ninety percent of the people get their water through wells. We're looking at putting in place optimal protection measures ... [and with] the information we have available and with the chemicals used in hydrofracking, any type of accident could be detrimental to tens, hundreds of water supplies for the town."

Solomon also asserted that most Dryden residents agreed with him.

"[The Town had] public information meetings for residents to voice their opinions, and throughout this whole process a large majority ... did not want to see hydrofracking within the town," Solomon said.

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