September 1, 2011

Varna firefighters help out after Irene

I heard back on Friday that the Varna and Slaterville fire companies were on call to help out anywhere in New York State if needed to respond to Hurricane Irene.

On Sunday, VVFC Board Chair Wendy Hoose reported that:

Roy Rizzo and Ashley Young are taking [truck] 1941 for Statewide Mutual Aid; currently they are staging at the Tompkins County Airport and may be away for up to four days. Slaterville (and Varna Mutual Aid) Carl Campbell and Tim Welsh are taking [truck] 1541 as well.

Ithaca Swift water and their boats as well as McLean are also going.

On Tuesday, she reported that:

Currently Roy, Ashley, Carl and Tim (as well as others) are working to get the Grand Gorge (near Blenheim) local fire department working again after their station was flooded by the Schohaire Creek with all vehicles inside. As of around 0900 this morning they had three of the four fire trucks up and going, and the station generally de-mucked from over 15 inches of floor water/slime....

Today they were served hot food and with the American Red Cross and FEMA Trucks they have been promised showers later in the day. They are all very happy to be helping their fellow firefighters and NYS communities, since in their words the damage is extensive.

As of this morning, all the people and trucks are back safely. If anyone has further news of area emergency responders helping out, please let me know or leave them in comments.

(Disclosure: I'm a Supporting Member of the VVFC, which mostly means that I work on software they use to print badges.)

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