October 13, 2011

Subdivision law surfaces

I still haven't managed to read the draft zoning law posted last month, but I noted that the subdivision law had been separated and was missing. The subdivision law apparently went up last week (504KB PDF), but discussion at last night's Town Board agenda meeting made it pretty clear it's not cooked yet.

I'm still not pleased by key parts of the zoning law itself, but the subdivision law is at the heart of a lot of complaints about this project. The density calculations remain a lot more complex than they should be, and I've never liked the idea of completely removing "constrained land" from calculations. (§ 1001.1) I'm not thrilled that the Planning Board can require conservation subdivision on any Rural Residential or Rural Agricultural area it decides. (§ 502.4)

I'll try to find time to write more about this - it's been interesting lately. It sounded like the Town Board might introduce the zoning law next week and schedule a public hearing, with the subdivision law to get another (needed) look before its introduction.

Posted by simon at October 13, 2011 7:14 AM in
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