October 18, 2011

Town to reveal dastardly park plans

When I first got involved in Dryden town politics, one of the perpetual battles was over recreation. Projects that benefited the east side often received attention and funding from the Republican Town Board, while other possibilities used more by west side residents, notably the Recreation Partnership (with other towns and the county) came in for criticism and threats of departure. The Republican board bought the present Town Hall property, which a few friends of mine joke is really in Virgil, with all kinds of muttered but not official plans to build a major east side recreation facility.

Now, it's the mostly west-side Democratic Town Board's turn to unveil major recreation facility plans, and - what's that?

Residents can voice their opinion on the proposed design of a large community park in the Town of Dryden during a meeting set for 3 p.m. Nov. 3 at the Town Hall.

The proposed site of the community park will be on town-owned property at the Town Hall. The meeting will not include detailed timelines or cost estimates, according to a new release from the town.

Maybe the old east-west tensions have simmered down a little, or maybe this Town Board is just willing to serve the whole town.

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