November 7, 2011

Absentee ballot reminder

Today is Monday was the last day to return absentee ballots for tomorrow's elections in Dryden.

If you're mailing one, it must have today's postmark on it. That means it's best to take it into the post office counter and request today's postmark rather than drop it in a mail slot or box, where it might get tomorrow's postmark. (Yes, I've seen Dryden ballots disqualified because the postmark was election day instead of the day before.)

If you still need to get one, you can still apply at the Board of Elections, 128 East Buffalo Street. In that case, it's probably best to fill out the ballot there, put it in the envelope, and hand it right back to them.

(And if you signed up for an absentee ballot, but will be in town to vote, you can vote at the polls and the absentee ballot, if submitted, will be discarded. No one gets two votes!)

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