November 9, 2011

Democrats sweep Town Board races

I never thought I'd see a Democratic win in Dryden this, well, crushing.

Town SupervisorMary Ann Sumner2198
Bruno Schickel1469
Town CouncilpersonJoseph Solomon2215
Linda Lavine2124
James Drew1474
Deborah Shigley1431

That's roughly a 3-2 margin across the board in unofficial results, and a lot more voters than typically turn out in off-off-year elections.

It looked like Democrats did well across the town, losing District 2 (Freeville) by about 21 votes and District 7 (east side of Dryden village) by about 76 - and swamping Republicans elsewhere. That didn't just mean huge margins in the southwest corner of town, though those were there - it also meant winning districts like 11 (Dryden Lake) that aren't traditionally Democratic.

I've have a lot more analysis when I have more detailed breakdowns (and more sleep), but overall this was a huge victory for the Dryden Democrats.

(Caroline surprised me even more, with anti-fracking candidates sweeping all three districts and even larger percentage margins.)

Update: Here's the Ithaca Journal's report.

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Tonya Engst said:

Yay Dryden. I am stoked this morning. None of my Twitter friends get what's going on here, so I am commenting on your blog to get my social media fix.